Wells Fargo and illegal sales

The article is from the Wall Street Journal. This type of outcome in banking does not surprise me at all. Is it the fault of the executives or is it a basket of ‘bad apples’ (employees) who caused the problem? From my reading, it is both. But as long as banks continue to push product sales, there will always be… Read more →

Making Bread

Okay, so I am making bread… not only because homemade bread is better for us, but because my current research focuses on flour as a raw material. Here is this week’s recipe. i have been working on it for a while!   200 grams of European style white flour by King Arthur (11.7 percent protein) 240 grams of whole grain… Read more →

A Letter from G.E. CEO to Bernie

This I had to post. Jeffrey Immelt takes aim at socialism and its septuagenarian flag-bearer, the man who refuses to talk about Hillary’s corruption because he knows socialism requires corruption, Bernie Sanders.  My favorite part is his referring to Bernie as Vermont’s junior senator. Well played, Mr. Immelt. From the Washington Post:  Find the original here. By Jeffrey R. Immelt April… Read more →

Some inconvenient facts

I particularly like the assembled charts: From: ZeroHedge – Click the title for the article Dear Barack… You Forgot To Mention A Few Things Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/07/2016 16:35 -0500 Submitted by Gary Kaltbaum via GaryKaltbaum.com, While my President was out this week patting himself on the back and taking victory laps over the “supposed” 4.9% unemployment rate, he… Read more →

The Slow Death of Capitalism

While I think making ‘hay’ out of Walmart’s decision to close some stores might be pushing the boundaries, after all, closing 269 stores out of over 11,500 is really insignificant, I think this article tells a reasonable story about the pattern of those closures. I try to avoid claiming that policy-makers don’t understand the consequences of their actions; I believe… Read more →

The Donald

I feel compelled to say something short about Donald Trump.  I don’t know why, but it might have to do with the endless number of ‘hit’ pieces in most major news papers.  They almost never disparage his policies or discuss his actual qualifications for running the government.  If Mitt Romney’s success in business was one of his talking points, then how is… Read more →

Slow down in Agriculture

From the Financial Times – click the title for the link. Generally, I don’t like posting things directly from FT (because they really don’t like it, and I respect that good information is expensive to assemble).  This, however, is a good summary of the state of production-based agribusinesses right now. Agricultural commodities feel the bite of weaker demand Emiko Terazono… Read more →

Contracts under Anarchy

It appears that Iran is already uninterested in meeting its obligations under its recent agreement.  From the Wall Street Journal, August 7, 2015: Iran’s stance complicates the International Atomic Energy Agency’s probe into Tehran’s suspected nuclear-military program—a study that is slated to be completed by mid-December, as required by the landmark nuclear agreement forged between world powers and Iran on July… Read more →