The Slow Death of Capitalism

While I think making ‘hay’ out of Walmart’s decision to close some stores might be pushing the boundaries, after all, closing 269 stores out of over 11,500 is really insignificant, I think this article tells a reasonable story about the pattern of those closures. I try to avoid claiming that policy-makers don’t understand the consequences of their actions; I believe… Read more →

The best description ever…

“In the LCPSIM [least-cost planning simulation model], a priority-based objective, mass balance-constrained linear programming solution is used to simulate regional water management operations on a yearly time-step…” From some documentation I am reading – I love phrases like this because they try to mean so much in such a tiny amount of space. Read more →

Thank God For Experts!

This made me laugh: from the Wall Street Journal. KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—Efforts to figure out what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were clouded by conflicting reports about whether radar tracked the plane hundreds of miles off course before it went missing Saturday. A senior Malaysian air force official on Tuesday rejected local-media reports that military radar had picked up signals from… Read more →

Warren Buffett: Populism versus Reality

From this morning’s WSJ: “Heinz also will close factories in South Carolina and Ontario, Canada. There have been two major shake-ups in the executive ranks, and its core North America business is on its third chief executive in eight months. All told, the new owners have reduced head count by about 1,480, or about 5% of the world-wide workforce, as… Read more →

Labor Unions and Outcomes

I found this gem in the news this morning: “How States Taken Over by the GOP Have Been Quietly Screwing Over the American Worker” by Zoe Carpenter at The Nation: http://www.thenation.com/blog/176953/workers-are-under-attack-states# Ignoring the title that implies some illegitimacy in their overlord-ship of these states (because who would elect conservatives), the article itself leaves out a few fun facts about Unions. … Read more →