Protecting the most basic of freedoms

Well said.  Find the original here at City Journal.   MYRON MAGNET Free Speech in Peril Trigger warning: may offend the illiberal or intolerant Spring 2015 Shut up or die. It’s hard to think of a more frontal assault on the basic values of Western freedom than al-Qaida’s January slaughter of French journalists for publishing cartoons they disliked. I disagree with… Read more →

Central Banks and Stability

I post a lot of Macro materials (even though I am not a macro economist), but here is another article I found interesting. From the Financial Times (click title for link): Are central banks a destabilising force? Also found here, courtesy of FT: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/5556dbf4-9f0d-11e4-ba25-00144feab7de.html#ixzz3PNbjBCGC Swiss example shows how imbalances can correct violently ©AFP It may be a mistake to think the SNB’s… Read more →

Questions of Law Enforcement

The media is reporting some police involved (induced?) deaths recently, and I am not going to espouse any opinion on the specific incidents.  Instead, I think it is more important that people focus on the common themes in these incidents (one in New York and one in Missouri) and many like them that occur each year.  It is also important… Read more →

A changing world order

A great article from the Hoover Institute that explains why the US needs to continue to engage with the world, support allies, and defend the status quo world order.  Many people with whom I speak talk about the tragedy of spending so much on the military, and the downsides to “policing the world,” as they like to call it. I… Read more →

Economics to non-economists, Part I

Here is some confusion for thought… Click here for the original. Economists are not Like Physicists By Cullen Roche · Sunday, June 1st, 2014 There’s been some debate in economist circles about how to improve the field and apply a more empirical approach.  For instance, Noah Smith says: “what I actually propose is to create an econ “lab sequence” just for empirics, similar to what they… Read more →

Checking your (my) privilege.

With all of the discussions about privilege, I recently red Peggy McIntosh’s 26 points about white privilege – those things in our daily lives that are easier because I am white.  With a few exceptions, they are drivel… She assumes her position to be that of everybody’s position.  Here are the points and my responses to them.  (Find the paper… Read more →

User comment of the day…

A user comment from a Megan McArdle column entitled United Debt Collectors of America: You know and I know that “Obama did the same thing!!” defense will get nothing but ignored by the press. The NYT will pretend as if the Obama years never occurred, that we went straight from Bush to Scott Walker (I hope). When President Walker even… Read more →

Math Continues to be Hard

George Will posted an article this morning in the Washington Post entitled Amend the Constitution to Control Federal Spending, and it had this little gem in the comments section: Yet another conservative using the Great Recession and its aftermath to promote lunacy.    Under President Obama spending due to policy changes has fallen. The cause of most of the increase… Read more →

The Fantasy Continues…

The continuation of fictitious government numbers.  What is the point of fantasy in the world of Macroeconomics?  Regardless of what number we write, there is a true value for any quantifiable metric.  This whole system is starting to remind me of Arthur Anderson and Enron. I pulled this article from ZeroHedge.com: Nigeria Just Doubled The Size Of Its Economy With… Read more →

Part 2: some more rotten numbers…

This is from the New York Post, April 1, 2014, by John Crudele: US, In collecting and grading pricing data, is playing us for fools.  It provides a pretty good overview of what is wrong with government numbers and how they get unduly manipulated to meet political ends. Think of all the government numbers they have an incentive to fuck… Read more →


Look!  More people signed up for free, welfare based, 100 percent government funded healthcare than paid (even with subsidized premiums) for their own healthcare.  Success!! New York was one of the best-performing states in the nation. More than 390,000 New Yorkers enrolled in plans via the state’s exchange, nearly double initial projections. Another 436,000 qualified for Medicaid, though it’s not… Read more →

Wealth Confiscation

Below is an article from Noureddine Krichene, posted in the Asia Times: Usury in the USA.  First, some edification and background: It is a glaring reminder that wealth confiscation in the United States is publicly yet surreptitiously being conducted all around us.  Neo-Keynesianism is such an easy and politically convenient philosophy because it requires neither intelligent thought nor careful planning to be… Read more →

The Inconsistencies of Economists

Far be it from me to question the superior economic skills of Kenneth Rogoff, a Harvard economist and public policy expert.  But it bothers me to read articles that build up to a point and then drop it in favor of what appears to be a partisan argument.  Rogoff was onto something in his article on Project Syndicate, entitled “Malthus,… Read more →