Making Bread

Okay, so I am making bread… not only because homemade bread is better for us, but because my current research focuses on flour as a raw material. Here is this week’s recipe. i have been working on it for a while!   200 grams of European style white flour by King Arthur (11.7 percent protein) 240 grams of whole grain… Read more →

Real incentives, real impacts

From The Daily Beast by Daniela Drake: Consider how this plays out in real life as opposed to a think tank. A hard-working doctor (of any race) has rendered careful, considerate care to a complicated patient. Yet a relative who gets the patient satisfaction form in the mail who might be pissed off at, say, the hospital parking fees—or maybe… Read more →


Look!  More people signed up for free, welfare based, 100 percent government funded healthcare than paid (even with subsidized premiums) for their own healthcare.  Success!! New York was one of the best-performing states in the nation. More than 390,000 New Yorkers enrolled in plans via the state’s exchange, nearly double initial projections. Another 436,000 qualified for Medicaid, though it’s not… Read more →

The Inconsistencies of Economists

Far be it from me to question the superior economic skills of Kenneth Rogoff, a Harvard economist and public policy expert.  But it bothers me to read articles that build up to a point and then drop it in favor of what appears to be a partisan argument.  Rogoff was onto something in his article on Project Syndicate, entitled “Malthus,… Read more →

Recession inducing politics…

There seems to be a fairly extensive discussion recently about weather suppressing economic output, particularly given the extended winter weather in the East and Mid-West.  I am taking the ZeroHedge stance and am not convinced that weather patterns across half of the US are impacting global economies the way analyst are convinced (or are trying to convince others).  It seems… Read more →