… Other Great Jargon II

I found this on John Cochrane’s blog, The Grumpy Economist (click for original).  Cochrane links to the original snippet here, at the Wall Street Journal. Friday, May 29, 2015 On writing well The WSJ notable and quotable picked a lovely snippet from “On Writing Well” (1976) by William Zinsser, who died May 12 at age 92. Clutter is the disease… Read more →

We’re going to optimize our efficiency and strategize our plans… and other great jargon

This makes for a nice read about the parsing of non-sensical business jargon.  Jargon is what business people use to sound smarter, but when you really parse it, it’s meaningless…  As a case instructor, I catch MBA students using jargon all the time; unfortunately, 98 percent of the time it is meaningless filler, written in some ‘stream-of-consciousness’ process and not… Read more →


John Cochrane of U. Chicago gives another interesting and well drafted article, this time about inequality.  Here is the edited version in the WSJ, and here is the long-form on his blog, The Grumpy Economist. I highly suggest that, if you have the time, read the long-form version on his blog. Read more →

Business School Admissions and GMATS

From the Wall Street Journal, November 6, 2014. I find this very interesting (full disclosure, I have both attended graduate business school and now I teach at the graduate level for business students).  It is also reflective of how some Economics programs (additional disclosure, I also have a graduate degree in Economics) select their PhD candidates: take everybody who did perfectly on… Read more →

Math Continues to be Hard

George Will posted an article this morning in the Washington Post entitled Amend the Constitution to Control Federal Spending, and it had this little gem in the comments section: Yet another conservative using the Great Recession and its aftermath to promote lunacy.    Under President Obama spending due to policy changes has fallen. The cause of most of the increase… Read more →

Why to give money… to big fancy Universities.

Matthew Yglesias (yes of that horrible detritus Slate, a euphemism for the institute for kids who can’t write good and wanna do other stuff not good too) has written another sure-fire winner of the philosophically and economically challenged award.  Today, he slams the giving of large gifts to elite universities with large endowments, claiming that the money is less useful there… Read more →