Math is Hard

Business School Admissions and GMATS

From the Wall Street Journal, November 6, 2014. I find this very interesting (full disclosure, I have both attended graduate business school and now I teach at the graduate level for business students).  It is also reflective of how some Economics programs (additional disclosure, I also have a graduate degree in Economics) select their PhD candidates: take everybody who did perfectly on… Read more →

Economics to non-economists, Part I

Here is some confusion for thought… Click here for the original. Economists are not Like Physicists By Cullen Roche · Sunday, June 1st, 2014 There’s been some debate in economist circles about how to improve the field and apply a more empirical approach.  For instance, Noah Smith says: “what I actually propose is to create an econ “lab sequence” just for empirics, similar to what they… Read more →

Math Continues to be Hard

George Will posted an article this morning in the Washington Post entitled Amend the Constitution to Control Federal Spending, and it had this little gem in the comments section: Yet another conservative using the Great Recession and its aftermath to promote lunacy.    Under President Obama spending due to policy changes has fallen. The cause of most of the increase… Read more →