John Cochrane of U. Chicago gives another interesting and well drafted article, this time about inequality.  Here is the edited version in the WSJ, and here is the long-form on his blog, The Grumpy Economist. I highly suggest that, if you have the time, read the long-form version on his blog. Read more →

The Talent Economy

An article on The Rise (and Likely Fall) of the Talent Economy by Roger L. Martin found by clicking here. And my nice response: This article is full of implicit political assumptions and strange economics, such as the statement: “One trader’s gain is simply another trader’s loss,” which is explicitly untrue. A buyer/seller on the other end of the… Read more →

How’s that PR working for you…

Read this article, and then consider the very last line… Click title for original.  I edited the article [in brackets] to make it PG.  Bold indicates to pay attention… Woman Says High-Profile Lawyer [did bad things to] Her After a Party for Al Sharpton A prominent New York attorney is under investigation after he allegedly [did horrible things to] a woman he met… Read more →

A changing world order

A great article from the Hoover Institute that explains why the US needs to continue to engage with the world, support allies, and defend the status quo world order.  Many people with whom I speak talk about the tragedy of spending so much on the military, and the downsides to “policing the world,” as they like to call it. I… Read more →