Slow down in Agriculture

From the Financial Times – click the title for the link. Generally, I don’t like posting things directly from FT (because they really don’t like it, and I respect that good information is expensive to assemble).  This, however, is a good summary of the state of production-based agribusinesses right now. Agricultural commodities feel the bite of weaker demand Emiko Terazono… Read more →

The NYT’s forgets history…

Here is the title of a ridiculous little piece in a former newspaper, the New York Times: Germans Forget Postwar History Lesson on Debt Relief in Greece Crisis The author argues that Germany, “benefited not so long ago from more lenient terms than it is now prepared to offer” Greece.  In 1953, Germany’s creditors cut its outstanding debt in half. What… Read more →

Central Banks and Stability

I post a lot of Macro materials (even though I am not a macro economist), but here is another article I found interesting. From the Financial Times (click title for link): Are central banks a destabilising force? Also found here, courtesy of FT: Swiss example shows how imbalances can correct violently ©AFP It may be a mistake to think the SNB’s… Read more →

John Cochrane on Inflation

John Cochrane’s op-ed in the WSJ, with a link here to the WSJ original and a link here to his blog, The Grumpy Economist. First, I confess I am not a macro-economist (worse yet, I confess that the training I received in macro-economics was rather basic).  The conversation around inflation has baffled me for some time, and I think there… Read more →