The Donald

I feel compelled to say something short about Donald Trump.  I don’t know why, but it might have to do with the endless number of ‘hit’ pieces in most major news papers.  They almost never disparage his policies or discuss his actual qualifications for running the government.  If Mitt Romney’s success in business was one of his talking points, then how is… Read more →

The New World of Scotch Whisky

I like Scotch, and I have noticed the slow disappearance of the age statement from some bottles.  Having tried a few, I find some mixed results.  This article, from the Wall Street Journal, explains it a little.  What I find most interesting is the push, not just in Scotch whisky, but also American whiskey, to get more product out the… Read more →

The mindset of poverty

An article written by a medical doctor, but with an excellent implicit discussion of how incentives create and perpetuate poverty.  It is quite damning of the modern welfare states of the “developed west.”  While the article is about Britain, its commentary applies equally to the United States. When governments attempt to fill the place of community and family, while providing… Read more →