Agricultural Economics

Slow down in Agriculture

From the Financial Times – click the title for the link. Generally, I don’t like posting things directly from FT (because they really don’t like it, and I respect that good information is expensive to assemble).  This, however, is a good summary of the state of production-based agribusinesses right now. Agricultural commodities feel the bite of weaker demand Emiko Terazono… Read more →

High Impact Grain Prices

Most Americans are relatively shielded from short-term moves in grain prices – after all, retail prices trend up slowly at the rate of inflation, but are not typically subject to fast price swings (unless you live in Venezuela, Sudan, or Argentina).  However, commodity price swings have huge impacts on many businesses, from bakers and hog farmers to consumer packaged goods firms.… Read more →

Technology in Ag

From the WSJ.  Find the original here. A lot of this information isn’t new, but it is a concise synthesis of many technologies being applied to agriculture. Silicon Valley Firms Plant Roots in Farm Belt By ILAN BRAT And JACOB BUNGE April 6, 2015 3:32 p.m. ET New technologies that promise to change how food is grown, transported and sold… Read more →

The WSJ’s 2015 Ag Update

From the Wall Street Journal, January 6, 2015: Bumper crops have pushed down prices, ushering in a new austerity for farm-equipment purchases. Midwest prosperity through 2013 produced a long rally for machinery sales. BLOOMBERG NEWS Farm Economy Faces Further Austerity Many U.S. farmers are expected to tighten their belts further in 2015 as they contend with another year of lower… Read more →