Protecting the most basic of freedoms

Well said.  Find the original here at City Journal.   MYRON MAGNET Free Speech in Peril Trigger warning: may offend the illiberal or intolerant Spring 2015 Shut up or die. It’s hard to think of a more frontal assault on the basic values of Western freedom than al-Qaida’s January slaughter of French journalists for publishing cartoons they disliked. I disagree with… Read more →

In Hoc Anno Domini

An annual editorial from the Wall Street Journal.  This is my favorite of their annual Holiday publications.  Click the title for the original at WSJ. In Hoc Anno Domini   Conversion of St. Paul on the road to Damascus, 1865-1866. PRINT COLLECTOR/GETTY IMAGES Updated Dec. 23, 2014 6:32 p.m. ET When Saul of Tarsus set out on his journey to… Read more →