Food and Cooking

Making Bread

Okay, so I am making bread… not only because homemade bread is better for us, but because my current research focuses on flour as a raw material. Here is this week’s recipe. i have been working on it for a while!   200 grams of European style white flour by King Arthur (11.7 percent protein) 240 grams of whole grain… Read more →

The New World of Scotch Whisky

I like Scotch, and I have noticed the slow disappearance of the age statement from some bottles.  Having tried a few, I find some mixed results.  This article, from the Wall Street Journal, explains it a little.  What I find most interesting is the push, not just in Scotch whisky, but also American whiskey, to get more product out the… Read more →

Let them eat Quiche…

Sometimes you want a quiche… here’s how I make mine (which are amazing! and also incredibly bad for you): Make the crust by mixing flour and butter (about 2 cups flour to 8 ounces butter) until its pliable (add a little water toward the end) using a mixer with a paddle attachment – then refrigerate the dough until it is… Read more →