… Other Great Jargon II

I found this on John Cochrane’s blog, The Grumpy Economist (click for original).  Cochrane links to the original snippet here, at the Wall Street Journal. Friday, May 29, 2015 On writing well The WSJ notable and quotable picked a lovely snippet from “On Writing Well” (1976) by William Zinsser, who died May 12 at age 92. Clutter is the disease… Read more →

We’re going to optimize our efficiency and strategize our plans… and other great jargon

This makes for a nice read about the parsing of non-sensical business jargon.  Jargon is what business people use to sound smarter, but when you really parse it, it’s meaningless…  As a case instructor, I catch MBA students using jargon all the time; unfortunately, 98 percent of the time it is meaningless filler, written in some ‘stream-of-consciousness’ process and not… Read more →