The Talent Economy

An article on The Rise (and Likely Fall) of the Talent Economy by Roger L. Martin found by clicking here. And my nice response: This article is full of implicit political assumptions and strange economics, such as the statement: “One trader’s gain is simply another trader’s loss,” which is explicitly untrue. A buyer/seller on the other end of the… Read more →

A culture of customer focus

For a long time, customer service was a differentiation mechanism that set companies apart from their competitors; it made companies and firms unique.  Think of the fabled Nordstrom, a Seattle company so focused on customer service that they became the stuff of legends.  Historically, customer service was driven by relationships.  People purchased goods and services in their communities, from people… Read more →

Recession inducing politics…

There seems to be a fairly extensive discussion recently about weather suppressing economic output, particularly given the extended winter weather in the East and Mid-West.  I am taking the ZeroHedge stance and am not convinced that weather patterns across half of the US are impacting global economies the way analyst are convinced (or are trying to convince others).  It seems… Read more →

“Why is it always…”

“Some horrible person who just won’t listen to what your saying…???” If you work for a large bank, airline, insurance company, utility, etc… this is what gets written about you: “What the hell… banks suck, especially when they assign the lowest common denominator to handle anything requiring mental activity.  I hear you raising your voice a little bit, but I… Read more →

Labor Unions and Outcomes

I found this gem in the news this morning: “How States Taken Over by the GOP Have Been Quietly Screwing Over the American Worker” by Zoe Carpenter at The Nation: Ignoring the title that implies some illegitimacy in their overlord-ship of these states (because who would elect conservatives), the article itself leaves out a few fun facts about Unions. … Read more →