Wells Fargo and illegal sales

The article is from the Wall Street Journal. This type of outcome in banking does not surprise me at all. Is it the fault of the executives or is it a basket of ‘bad apples’ (employees) who caused the problem? From my reading, it is both. But as long as banks continue to push product sales, there will always be… Read more →

The Fed Can “Force” Expand The Money Supply

A little gem from Forbes: by John Tamney, entitled “The Fed is Not Printing Money, It’s Doing Something Much Worse.” The article is full of little inconsistencies and obnoxious mixes of “big” words and poor word choices (using contractions after using a “fancy” word really detracts from your intended impression of thoughtful intelligence).  But this quote takes the cake: The… Read more →

From Alan Greenspan: How to Avoid Another Global Financial Crisis

Find the original here: The American I find this discussion of rational and nonrational market behavior – animal spirits – very interesting.  His article also illuminates how he ran the Fed over almost two decades.  He concludes by pointing out that as the Standard Deviation of stock prices increases, so bubbles become more prominent.  I have seen some chatter of… Read more →

“Why is it always…”

“Some horrible person who just won’t listen to what your saying…???” If you work for a large bank, airline, insurance company, utility, etc… this is what gets written about you: “What the hell… banks suck, especially when they assign the lowest common denominator to handle anything requiring mental activity.  I hear you raising your voice a little bit, but I… Read more →