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Wealth Confiscation

Below is an article from Noureddine Krichene, posted in the Asia Times: Usury in the USA.  First, some edification and background: It is a glaring reminder that wealth confiscation in the United States is publicly yet surreptitiously being conducted all around us.  Neo-Keynesianism is such an easy and politically convenient philosophy because it requires neither intelligent thought nor careful planning to be… Read more →

Thank God For Experts!

This made me laugh: from the Wall Street Journal. KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia—Efforts to figure out what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were clouded by conflicting reports about whether radar tracked the plane hundreds of miles off course before it went missing Saturday. A senior Malaysian air force official on Tuesday rejected local-media reports that military radar had picked up signals from… Read more →

The Fed Can “Force” Expand The Money Supply

A little gem from Forbes: by John Tamney, entitled “The Fed is Not Printing Money, It’s Doing Something Much Worse.” The article is full of little inconsistencies and obnoxious mixes of “big” words and poor word choices (using contractions after using a “fancy” word really detracts from your intended impression of thoughtful intelligence).  But this quote takes the cake: The… Read more →

From Alan Greenspan: How to Avoid Another Global Financial Crisis

Find the original here: The American I find this discussion of rational and nonrational market behavior – animal spirits – very interesting.  His article also illuminates how he ran the Fed over almost two decades.  He concludes by pointing out that as the Standard Deviation of stock prices increases, so bubbles become more prominent.  I have seen some chatter of… Read more →

The Inconsistencies of Economists

Far be it from me to question the superior economic skills of Kenneth Rogoff, a Harvard economist and public policy expert.  But it bothers me to read articles that build up to a point and then drop it in favor of what appears to be a partisan argument.  Rogoff was onto something in his article on Project Syndicate, entitled “Malthus,… Read more →