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User comment of the day…

A user comment from a Megan McArdle column entitled United Debt Collectors of America: You know and I know that “Obama did the same thing!!” defense will get nothing but ignored by the press. The NYT will pretend as if the Obama years never occurred, that we went straight from Bush to Scott Walker (I hope). When President Walker even… Read more →

Math Continues to be Hard

George Will posted an article this morning in the Washington Post entitled Amend the Constitution to Control Federal Spending, and it had this little gem in the comments section: Yet another conservative using the Great Recession and its aftermath to promote lunacy.    Under President Obama spending due to policy changes has fallen. The cause of most of the increase… Read more →

The Fantasy Continues…

The continuation of fictitious government numbers.  What is the point of fantasy in the world of Macroeconomics?  Regardless of what number we write, there is a true value for any quantifiable metric.  This whole system is starting to remind me of Arthur Anderson and Enron. I pulled this article from Nigeria Just Doubled The Size Of Its Economy With… Read more →

A culture of customer focus

For a long time, customer service was a differentiation mechanism that set companies apart from their competitors; it made companies and firms unique.  Think of the fabled Nordstrom, a Seattle company so focused on customer service that they became the stuff of legends.  Historically, customer service was driven by relationships.  People purchased goods and services in their communities, from people… Read more →

Part 2: some more rotten numbers…

This is from the New York Post, April 1, 2014, by John Crudele: US, In collecting and grading pricing data, is playing us for fools.  It provides a pretty good overview of what is wrong with government numbers and how they get unduly manipulated to meet political ends. Think of all the government numbers they have an incentive to fuck… Read more →


Look!  More people signed up for free, welfare based, 100 percent government funded healthcare than paid (even with subsidized premiums) for their own healthcare.  Success!! New York was one of the best-performing states in the nation. More than 390,000 New Yorkers enrolled in plans via the state’s exchange, nearly double initial projections. Another 436,000 qualified for Medicaid, though it’s not… Read more →

Part 1: I can make up numbers too…

It seems like there is a lot of bullshit spewing from the lips of government interpreters.  Not just at selfie-opportunistic funerals, where the interpreters are invited to conduct interpretive dance, but coming from the very government departments responsible for providing timely and accurate data.  Full disclosure: I frequently rely on government data in my research and work (did you think… Read more →