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The mindset of poverty

An article written by a medical doctor, but with an excellent implicit discussion of how incentives create and perpetuate poverty.  It is quite damning of the modern welfare states of the “developed west.”  While the article is about Britain, its commentary applies equally to the United States. When governments attempt to fill the place of community and family, while providing… Read more →

A changing world order

A great article from the Hoover Institute that explains why the US needs to continue to engage with the world, support allies, and defend the status quo world order.  Many people with whom I speak talk about the tragedy of spending so much on the military, and the downsides to “policing the world,” as they like to call it. I… Read more →

Turn down…

I am sorry to report that I cannot accept the offer from XXXX.  I would like to thank you for your time and effort in interviewing me.  The reality is, your offer is characteristically (of you) insulting to my efforts, particularly as it displays a crass indifference to market realities.  These same market realities, ones of which any good economist… Read more →

Economics to non-economists, Part I

Here is some confusion for thought… Click here for the original. Economists are not Like Physicists By Cullen Roche · Sunday, June 1st, 2014 There’s been some debate in economist circles about how to improve the field and apply a more empirical approach.  For instance, Noah Smith says: “what I actually propose is to create an econ “lab sequence” just for empirics, similar to what they… Read more →