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The 2014 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel

… Goes to Jean Tirole, whom I have referenced in my own research, and whom I think was an interesting (timely?) choice for the prize.  His research is precise, and covers industrial organization, markets, and regulation.  He has also written and co-written some excellent advanced text books. I look forward to hearing more from him over the coming years. Read more →

Economics to non-economists – Part II

One of the great problems economics has as a discipline right now is its inability to communicate clearly with non-economists.  To make it worse, people like Paul Krugman, who are political commentators, use the language of economics to lend credibility to their political assertions – typically using very bad economics.  More than anything, the politicization of macoeconomics has contributed to… Read more →

The Talent Economy

An article on The Rise (and Likely Fall) of the Talent Economy by Roger L. Martin found by clicking here. And my nice response: This article is full of implicit political assumptions and strange economics, such as the statement: “One trader’s gain is simply another trader’s loss,” which is explicitly untrue. A buyer/seller on the other end of the… Read more →

How’s that PR working for you…

Read this article, and then consider the very last line… Click title for original.  I edited the article [in brackets] to make it PG.  Bold indicates to pay attention… Woman Says High-Profile Lawyer [did bad things to] Her After a Party for Al Sharpton A prominent New York attorney is under investigation after he allegedly [did horrible things to] a woman he met… Read more →