Monthly Archives: August 2015

Slow down in Agriculture

From the Financial Times – click the title for the link. Generally, I don’t like posting things directly from FT (because they really don’t like it, and I respect that good information is expensive to assemble).  This, however, is a good summary of the state of production-based agribusinesses right now. Agricultural commodities feel the bite of weaker demand Emiko Terazono… Read more →

Contracts under Anarchy

It appears that Iran is already uninterested in meeting its obligations under its recent agreement.  From the Wall Street Journal, August 7, 2015: Iran’s stance complicates the International Atomic Energy Agency’s probe into Tehran’s suspected nuclear-military program—a study that is slated to be completed by mid-December, as required by the landmark nuclear agreement forged between world powers and Iran on July… Read more →

Revolts Against the Ruling Class and Bureaucratic Tyranny

This morning I found an article entitled Opinion: A revolt is taking place against the “ruling class” in The Christian Science Monitor.  Yesterday I read Rule of Law in the Regulatory State on John Cochrane’s blog, The Grumpy Economist. At first glance, they seem to have little in common, yet the theme is striking: we are living in a world of diktat rather than… Read more →

High Impact Grain Prices

Most Americans are relatively shielded from short-term moves in grain prices – after all, retail prices trend up slowly at the rate of inflation, but are not typically subject to fast price swings (unless you live in Venezuela, Sudan, or Argentina).  However, commodity price swings have huge impacts on many businesses, from bakers and hog farmers to consumer packaged goods firms.… Read more →