A prominent New York attorney is under investigation after he allegedly [did horrible things to] a woman he met at Rev. Al Sharpton’s birthday party last week.

According to the Daily News, a woman came forward this week claiming she woke up in a drunken haze to find 70-year-old Sanford A. Rubenstein [doing things to her].

Rubenstein contends the [stuff] was consensual and a “source close to the powerhouse attorney” told the Daily News that they [did more stuff] again the next morning.

NYPD officers executed a search warrant on Rubenstein’s house Sunday, apparently looking for an object he may have [done stuff to] the woman with.

The woman—an executive at Sharpton’s National Action Network—reportedly met Rubenstein at Sharpton’s birthday celebration at the Four Seasons Wednesday.

“I consider both of them a friend,” Sharpton told the New York Times. “I sent her an email today. My heart is with both of them that the truth come out.”

Police are apparently thrilled to be investigating Rubenstein, who has secured millions in verdicts against the city and the NYPD. According to the Times, among Rubenstein’s more high-profile cases were the 1997 police abuse of Abner Louima and the 2006 Sean Bell shooting. He’s currently representing the family of Eric Garner, a Staten Island man who died after officers put him in a chokehold.

“Everyone in (1 Police Plaza) could not be happier about this,” the Daily News quoted a police source as saying.

Really? Police could not be happier that a girl was allegedly [harmed] so that they can investigate a guy who goes after them for criminal behavior? Wow… I have never been happier to not live in NYC, I wouldn’t want to upset the police there.