Let them eat Quiche…

Sometimes you want a quiche… here’s how I make mine (which are amazing! and also incredibly bad for you):

Make the crust by mixing flour and butter (about 2 cups flour to 8 ounces butter) until its pliable (add a little water toward the end) using a mixer with a paddle attachment – then refrigerate the dough until it is workable (2 hours).  Put it into a springform pan like this:



Make it look a little rough, so it bakes up to look hand made!  This isn’t pillsbury!  Now make your filling with equal parts heavy cream and whole milk (two cups of each), six eggs, some nutmeg and a little white pepper.  You can get fancy if you want, but the lardon will add salt, so don’t go crazy with it.


While its whipping to make it light, cook lardon (thick bacon if you must) and onions in a pan until they are a little crispy.  Layer the lardon and onions in the bottom of your nice crust and cover with your creamy filling… bake! Set the oven at 325 and bake until its done (60ish minutes).  THEN!  (This is important) the quiche must cool entirely… so put it in the fridge for a minimum of 12, but preferably 24 hours.  Enjoy!