Revolts Against the Ruling Class and Bureaucratic Tyranny

This morning I found an article entitled Opinion: A revolt is taking place against the “ruling class” in The Christian Science Monitor.  Yesterday I read Rule of Law in the Regulatory State on John Cochrane’s blog, The Grumpy Economist.

At first glance, they seem to have little in common, yet the theme is striking: we are living in a world of diktat rather than consent.  America’s system of government was designed to protect against tyranny of the majority or diktat by bureaucracy, and yet the most recent administratively delivered federal rule, the new EPA guidelines for power plants (link to the Wall Street Journal for reference), is nothing but diktat.  While I hail from the slight right of the American political spectrum, and believe that government fills important roles where markets fail or social needs (not wants) go unmet, I also believe deeply that the larger government becomes the more it is captured by special interests, big business, the wealthy, and lifetime politicians.  If America is to continue as a bastion of classical liberalism, we need to reign in the executive branch and return to moderate, reform oriented government; government for the sake of government is what people are revolting against.