Contracts under Anarchy

It appears that Iran is already uninterested in meeting its obligations under its recent agreement.  From the Wall Street Journal, August 7, 2015:

Iran’s stance complicates the International Atomic Energy Agency’s probe into Tehran’s suspected nuclear-military program—a study that is slated to be completed by mid-December, as required by the landmark nuclear agreement forged between world powers and Iran on July 14 in Vienna.

I am not surprised, only surprised that they started so quickly.  An in an effort to assure US legislators, IAEA President Amano met with them, only to make things less sure:

“I would say most members left with greater concerns about the inspection regime than we came in with,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R., Tenn.) told reporters. “It was not a reassuring meeting.”

And not to leave out the most important part, Mr. Amano indicates that his growing bureaucracy will need more cash, ever the last resort of those who have trouble achieving results:

Mr. Amano said these commitments made in Vienna would greatly enhance the IAEA’s ability to ensure Iran’s nuclear program remains peaceful.

He noted, however, that the agency would require significantly more funding from the U.S. and other governments to fulfill its mandate. He said he informed Congress that the IAEA’s budget would likely grow by around eight million euros annually.

A country that cheats, an IAEA President who won’t provided inspection details, and a bureaucracy that “needs” more cash from member governments?  What could possibly go wrong…