Something strange about Obamacare…

Here is a quote from the Wall Street Journal regarding the newly announced delay for the employer mandate:

“Under the new rules, companies would be allowed during the phasing-in year to offer coverage specifically to a subset of employees, such as those working 35 hours or more a week, the Treasury said.

Senior Treasury officials said the shift was aimed at giving more time for smaller employers subject to the requirement to adjust and for all companies to consider the number of hours their employees worked and whether they should be cutting them.

The officials said employers who wanted to use the phase-in period would have to certify that they hadn’t decreased their employee numbers in order to qualify.”

In other words, to qualify for the phasing in exemption, you cannot respond to any incentives buried in the law.  No laying anybody off to get under the threshold.  “You weren’t going to qualify, so you laid people off to get the exemption, and now you don’t qualify… sorry, you’re fucked…”

Stay tuned next month: “Obama decides to suspend the laws of supply and demand.”  You will drive a Chevy Volt, eat your vegetables, and you will like it… no exceptions.


(My favorite comment on this subject comes from a reader on ZeroHedge: Shad_ow says, “I pity all those who work for companies with less than 100 employees?  This dooms them to a job they are trapped in, sentenced to another 2 years of self reliance.  Oh the humanity!”)