About SubZero Beta

I am a PhD student in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness at Purdue University, and I hold two Master of Science degrees, one in Agricultural Economics and the other in Management from the Grenoble Ecole de Management in France. My research focuses on food and agribusiness business strategy, operations, logistics, price discrimination, management tools, and the consulting process. I spend a lot of time thinking about management pedagogy.  I am also a case author and instructor for MBA students.  Previously, I have worked in consulting and banking, and in a past life I worked in restaurant management and children’s therapy.

SubZero Beta is about food, agriculture, economics and management, all things I love. Economics is far more than a dismal science of scarce resource allocation.  It is also about the allocation of happiness and profits; it is about knowing the limits of our knowledge. Management and economics are about how we interact with each other, with organizations, and with government. They are sets of tools with a common theoretical underpinning that let us answer interesting questions about our world. I love thinking about organizational strategy and development, management, information, and business strategy. I also think a lot about current topics and issues through economics and management frameworks.

If you can’t tell, I also think about food… a lot. I love how and what we eat, and the stories our food tells us. Better yet, food also tells stories about us. Sharing a meal is one of the greatest acts of kindness, and I hope SubZero Beta makes you hungry to know more about your food and its story.

(This season’s header picture was taken in Summer 2016 in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil).